Chrissie Morris is a jubilant celebration of progressive British design and the artisanal legacy of Italy. ‘I value what a an active woman wants in a shoe. What she desires from both a practical and poetic standpoint.’ Says English fashion designer Chrissie Morris in describing the creative process that grounds the 4-year old company, Chrissie Morris Ltd.

Since debuting her collection in Spring 2008, Morris has distinguished herself with her meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite handwork. In a very short span of time she’s created a signature look: highly individual, womanly, flamboyant and most of all coveted.
In 2008, Chrissie Morris was named the winner of Italian Vogue's "Who's On Next" competition for emerging talent, accessories;
and Best New Talent from US Conde Nast's Footwear News.

Chrissie’s work and philosophy is supported by key retailers who understand the ‘Made In Italy’ label to mean that the entire shoe is produced within one country, and in this case, under one roof, for complete control of the process from A – Z.
Lauded as 'jewels for the feet,' Morris’s work – made completely by-hand – is noted for its unexpected colour combinations, confident mix of materials and textures, and a daring amalgamation of references that span architecture, fashion, art history and science fiction

The designer lives between England and Italy, with her partner and young family.

At Fine Specialty Retailers Worldwide